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Cutting fat off the whales

Blubbr is the global leader in real-time automated notifications for key events in the lifecycle of every SPAC.

Cut the fat off whales

Meet the Bots

SPAC Patrol Bot

  • When a SPAC files for an IPO with the SEC it files a registration form and a S-1 form.
  • Our SPAC Patrol bot immediately identifies the new registration and S-1 filings and notifies our community.
  • Our community members read our SPAC summary and decide if they want to invest.
SPAC Patrol Bot

NotiFi News Bot

  • Monitors news for all SPACs and instantly notifies our community regarding potential mergers.
  • We instantly notify our community when news articles are released that detail information about SPAC mergers.
  • Our community is then able to open positions in the SPACs before the merger news is reflected in their share prices.
NotiFi News Bot

Whale Watcher Bot

  • Watches for instances where the parent company of a current SPAC files for a second SPAC IPO.
  • The Blubbr community is the first to find out when SPAC sponsors release new SPACs.
  • Instant notifications following subsequent filings mean our community members can get in before the new filing is priced in.
Whale Watcher Bot

SPAC Merger Bot

  • Prior to announcing their mergers, the SEC requires SPACs to file a 425 form detailing their mergers.
  • The SPAC Merger Bot instantly notifies our community upon new 425 filings.
  • Blubbr members are the first to hear when SPACs finally merge!
SPAC Merger Bot

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